Sport and Spine was established in 2013 with the mindset that everybody is different and every body is different. We continue with belief that no care should be generalized but instead should be specific to the individual. We strive to give our patients the best care possible. Whether you are an athlete looking to improve their performance, an employee tired from sitting at a desk all day or a mom hoping to hold her child without pain, we are here to help. Our team and talents are what set us apart.

In 2016  Dr. Steven Kaiser expanded the Sport and Spine name to Mercer Island. The commitment to our culture and community continues to grow.
If you’re interested to learn more about our second location feel free to come check us out!


Woodinville Sport & Spine merges traditional chiropractic adjusting with sport-specific care including soft tissue approaches and physiotherapy exercises. This clinic offers a unique treatment approach while staying true to the chiropractic philosophy of individualized holistic care (without the use of drugs or surgery).

The goal of this care is to return normal range of motion to joints, reduce swelling or spasm, improve speed of recovery, and maximize performance. The Sport & Spine team works together with you each visit to create a customized program that advances throughout the course of your treatment.


Engaging the community through education, treatment, and building community partners. Our motto: Move better, feel better.

In addition to our in-clinic work, we currently serve local gyms, corporate offices, and schools through on-site treatment, consultations, and educational workshops. If you’re interested, contact us!