Dr. Kaiser believes everyone deserves the chance to move and feel better! His education and post-graduate work have helped shape his philosophies and treatment methods. Originally from Vancouver, BC, he attended Trinity Western University and the University of Calgary where he graduated with a degree in Human Kinetics with a focus in Kinesiology. After graduation, he attended Palmer College of Chiropractic West, where his focus was in sports chiropractic and human movement.


So what is a sports chiropractor exactly?


Breaking away from the traditional model of chiropractic, sports focused clinicians use several tools to accomplish their goals. Rather than focusing solely on a patient’s spine, a sports chiropractor recognizes the need to evaluate the whole body, from soft tissue, to joints, tendons and ligaments.

An injury can arise from poor biomechanics, or movement, but often it arises from a traumatic experience; a sprained ankle is a great example. Often an injury is as simple as that; it requires treatment both in strengthening, and movement restoration.

A sports chiropractor utilizes traditional chiropractic philosophy that encourages proper range of motion in the spine, evaluating posture, measurements of range of motion, and symmetry. Spinal manipulations are a great tool for spinal restoration, but often may only correct part of the problem. Soft tissue care can decrease healing time, maximize recovery, and restore motion faster when done in conjunction with traditional chiropractic.

Dr. Kaiser has clinical experience in a variety of settings. His previous experience includes:

  • Division I athletics

  • Sports clinics in San Jose working with MMA, NHL, NFL, PGA, Police, Fire Departments

  • On-site Corporate Settings, as well as the traditional Chiropractic setting.

All of this experience helps him understand who you are, whether a premiere athlete, or simply someone wanting to become a better version of themselves.


He is certified in ART, SFMA, RockTape, and has been instructed in other techniques such as Graston, TRX, as well as FAKTR to ensure his patients get the top possible care from the most up to date and innovative techniques available. He believes that these techniques, as well as quality instruction are what it takes to get athletes performing their best, and staying their healthiest!


In his spare time, he enjoys golfing hiking cycling or trail running, or anything else outdoors. You name the sport, he’ll join you! He is excited to be back in the Pacific Northwest to take advantage of all the area offers.