So, you have a few questions...

My back doesn’t hurt, do I need Chiropractic care?

At Woodinville Sport + Spine, we realize you are more than just a spine! The spine is the most important part of your body. It provides stability, movement, shock absorption, and posture; and therefore must be taken care of. Often times, pain is the last symptom to show up if there is a problem, so it would be wise to ensure you are taking care of yourself regularly. That isn’t to say a chiropractor is the ONLY thing to keep your spine healthy, but we can be a great resource to ensure proper spinal health! Dr. Kaiser also treats sports injuries. Taking an approach focusing on biomechanics and functional movement, Dr. Kaiser can help you reach your goals of getting out of pain, maximizing your performance, or just simply staying fit and limber


Do You Take Insurance?

Woodinville Sport + Spine does take most insurances, we do our best to insure all of our patients understand their coverage. Every company is different, and every plan is different too, schedule a 100% FREE consultation with Dr. Kaiser, at which point he can address your health needs, as well as your insurance coverage moving forward.


What makes Woodinville Sport + Spine different from traditional chiropractic or physical therapy?

Some of the modalities used here are similar to Physical Therapy, and some traditional chiropractic is used as well.  Dr. Kaiser has trained beside some great physical therapists, chiropractors, osteopaths, and medical doctors in his post-graduate work. His time at St. Mary’s College in California allowed him to work with amazing clinicians, trainers, and therapists, and this is where he blended all of the best techniques into one! We employ an effective modern, holistic, evidence based practice to ensure all patients get our best! If what we do is not effective for the injury you have, or we feel you may be better suited somewhere else, allow us to HELP you find another provider in the area that may suite your needs.


How Many Visits Will This Take?

At Woodinville Sport + Spine we take this question very seriously. The answer is variable depending on the injury or care required. We can promise, that you will not receive ONE SINGLE TREATMENT that we don’t feel is necessary. We ask for your commitment to your care to ensure we are getting your best, and we will give you ours. There are no care-plans, rather a discussion of your needs, and a promise to work with your schedule to ensure an efficient and timely resolution is met.


What if it doesn’t work?

From time to time, we do run into an issue that our methods won’t solve, and we are ok with that. We have a great relationship with many other providers, from MD’s, Acupuncturists, ND’s, Massage, etc. to ensure you are getting exactly what you need to get back to doing what you love!


Do I need a referral from my MD to come see you?

No. You don’t. There are certain insurance plans that have an HMO that may require authorizations, however they are few and far between.


I’ve been seeing another chiropractor for years, should I stop seeing them?

No. We work very well with other chiropractors. Because our appointments are 15-30 minutes long and involve a lot of soft tissue work, we can focus our attention on a site of injury. Once that injury is resolved, you will be ENCOURAGED to return to your family chiropractor! We will do the same for any practitioner. Our goal is to ensure you are able to live the life YOU want to live, we are just a small part of it!


Does the Treatment Hurt?

At times there can be some uncomfortable parts of care, however this is due more to the symptoms you are already having. We take every precaution to ensure that we stay within your tolerance for comfort, and will communicate with you to give you the best experience possible!