Chiropractors treat the feet?

Of Course we do! The feet are incredibly important in our everyday life. We balance on them, move on them, and put a TON of pressure on them daily. A 5 mile run sees 7500 steps at 3 or 4 times body weight. If the feet are imbalanced due to range of motion issues or are weakened, this can impact our bodies all the way up the chain. If the feet cannot properly absorb impact, the knees, hips, ankles and low back may be forced to do more than they were used to.


Plantar Fascitis, Ankle Sprains, Big Toe issues (Hallux Rigidis), seasamoiditis, collapsed arches etc, bunions, metatarsalgia, etc.

There is a reason why the orthotics are a $5 Billion dollar industry!

Check out this article from NCBI

People need their feet. At Woodinville Sport + Spine we will help you get back up onto them, and can help you avoid injuries in the future!

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