The Three Amigos

Easily the most used area of our body; the wrist, elbow and hand are vital to perform everyday tasks, both at work and at home. These three areas work together with the shoulder, and if one is compromised due to pain or injury, it places a stress on the surrounding regions.

Overuse injuries are most prevalent in the fingers, due to our propensity to typing, phone use, and other everyday tasks. Read more here

Maintaining proper strength, range of motion, and ergonomics can help avoid some of these injuries, however sometimes the volume of use can overwhelm even the most careful prevention.

Commonly Seen Conditions:

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Tennis/Golfers Elbow, Tendinitis, DeQuervain’s Syndrome, Wrist pain, wrist sprains, thumb and finger pain/arthritis.

At Woodinville Sport + Spine we understand that we need the whole system (shoulder, elbow, wrist, fingers) to work together, therefore, we take a holistic approach to these problems. After careful evaluation, we use a variety of techniques to ensure the joints are stabilized, strengthened, protected, and properly positioned. Treatment includes soft tissue care, Active Release Technique, strengthening, stretching, and corrective exercises in order to ensure your symptoms are resolved, and future injuries are avoided.

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