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The shoulder is the most mobile large joint in the body. Tennis, Golf, Baseball, Football, Swimming and CrossFit are sports that often see some ailment of the shoulder. We use this joint for everything, so it is no surprise to see injuries here. The shoulder is a complicated joint, and rarely is fixed with simple stretching or even strengthening. Like any part of the body, if there is an imbalance in the joint, one side typically is tight, while the other is weak, this is especially true in the shoulder.

Complex Area

Understanding the complexity is of the shoulder is difficult even for a trained physician. You have to deal with shoulder blade implications, collarbone problems, rotator cuff influence, as well as the larger muscles, postural issues and finally, overuse when assessing the shoulder.

Commonly seen shoulder issues:

Impingement syndrome, tendinitis, osteoarthritis, bursitis, frozen shoulder, nerve pain, pitchers shoulder, labral tears, rotator cuff syndrome

At Woodinville Sport + Spine we take the time to understand the way in which you injured your shoulder, we methodically diagnose the injury, and then determine a specific treatment plan for your recovery. Typically, if there is no structural damage, a series of soft tissue care, corrective exercise, and range of motion training will help correct the issue.

We understand that the body is connected, and that working with both the shoulder joint and the scapulo-thoracic joints is important. As well, ensuring the cervical spine (neck) and the thoracic spine (midback) are functioning properly so as to allow the shoulder to perform its best.

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